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                Load image into Gallery viewer, The Fish Food Warehouse Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan

                Load image into Gallery viewer, The Fish Food Warehouse Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan
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Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan



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Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan is a premium food specifically formulated for fancy goldfish. Easily digestible and biologically balanced its "clean and clear" formula ensures low waste for healthy water. The premium pellets for all Japanese goldfish and other exotic goldfish.

Suitable for all Fancy Goldfish including, Shubunkin, Lionheads, Fantails, Oranda, Black Moors

Key Features

  • Rounded, fine granules with a short softening time for a wholesome, varied diet
  • Provides a balanced diet for all Japanese goldfish variants (Veiltail, Dutch Lionhead, Lionhead, Ryukin, Globe Eye, etc.)
  • The mini sticks sink to the bottom, meeting the proven feeding habits of all Japanese goldfish types
  • Rich in vegetable proteins that ensure optimum digestion and reduce the possibility of intestinal problems
  • carotenoids enhance naturally vivid colours

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Feeding Instructions

Feed 2-3 times daily only feeding as much as your fish can consume in a few minutes. Remove any uneaten food after feeding, this will help to keep your tank clean.


Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives, Cereals, Derivatives of vegetable origin (Wheat germ meal 8.3%), Yeasts, Oils and fats, Minerals. Analytical Info: Protein 53%, Crude Fibres 12%, Crude Oils and Fats 2%, Crude Ash Not stated, Moisture 8%.